Notes from a Drama Watcher

Long time drama watcher sharing my thoughts and reviews of Thai, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas, including BL dramas.

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Friday Apr 22, 2022

Reviews and recaps of Inspector Koo 3 & 4  0:54 Cutie Pie 12:00 Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Soul 25:28 Cupid's Last Wish 35:10

Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

Reviews of First Love, Again 5 & 6 (final ep.) Cutie Pie 4 & 5 Not Me 13 & 14 and overall thoughts (final ep.) Timecodes 1:18 First Love, Again 5 & 6 (Korean BL) 8:28 Cutie Pie 4 & 5 (Thai BL) 19:35 Not Me 13 & 14 (Thai BL) Cover⎮แค่เพื่อนมั้ง (Just Friend?) - AOORA & CHANGHA | KOREAN VER (BAD BUDDY SERIES - NANON KORAPAT)

Thursday Mar 10, 2022

In this episode we have a recap and review of the shows I've been watching lately as well as my musings on the upcoming Cupid's Last Wish. Timestamps 0:00 Intro 0:50 Inspector Koo (Korean drama) 10:37 Cutie Pie (Thai BL) 24:25 First Love Again (Korean BL) 30:38 Not Me (Thai BL) 47:53 Cupid's Last Wish musings Covers by Nunew (Kuea/Kirin on Cutie Pie) Unbreakable Love cover by Nunew The Truth Untold cover by Nunew  

Wednesday Feb 23, 2022

Reviews of Color Rush Season 2 Episodes 5-8 Paint With Love Episodes 10-12 Cutie Pie Ep. 1 first look Not Me Episodes 8-10 Paint With Love OST perf. Tae Darvid & Singto Paint With Love OST - acoustic vers. Tae & Singto Perth Nakhun's YT channel Timecodes 0:00 Intro 1:26 Color Rush s2 15:33 Paint With Love 23:37 Cutie Pie 25:25 Not Me

Thursday Feb 03, 2022

Episode 30 of Notes from a Drama Watcher. Here we review 0:00 intro 1:15 Pumpkin Time series (Korean web drama) 5:35 Color Rush season 2 episodes 1-4 (Korean BL) 14:18 Remember You episodes 13-16 (Thai drama) 24:55 Not Me episodes 1-7 (Thai BL) Check out the gorgeous OST I mention in the podcast Not Me ost - Kangsomks My Side (Not Me ost)- Off and Gun Better - Black Gryphon & Baasik Break Me - Michael Shynes & Wholm Take a Little Bit of My Heart by Michael Shynes feat. Cageman

Saturday Jan 22, 2022

Bad Buddy eps. 11 & 12 and my over all thoughts on the show Paint With Love eps. 8 & 9 trouble in paradise   Ep. 29 of Notes From a Drama Watcher podcast

Sunday Jan 09, 2022

Ep. 28 Reviews of Bad Buddy ep. 10  (Thai BL) Paint With Love eps. 6 & 7 (Thai BL) Mr. Cinderella - first impressions (Vietnamese BL)

Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

Reviews and recap of Remember You (ThaI thriller)  eps. 8-12 Paint With Love (Thai BL) eps. 4 & 5 Bad Buddy ep. 9 (Thai BL)

Friday Dec 17, 2021

Reviews and recaps of Bad Buddy eps. 6-8 Paint With Love ( Thai BL w/ Singto and Tae) eps. 1-3 and my thoughts on some of the GMMTV 2022 trailers and shows I'm looking forward to

Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Reviews & recaps of Remember You eps. 2-7 (Thai remake of SK drama) Bad Buddy eps. 3-5 (Thai BL)

Notes from a Drama Watcher

Hi, fellow drama enthusiasts!

This is your host, M. I've been watching east asian dramas for many years. Starting with Japanese BL dramas, this led me to BL and non-BL dramas from Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and China. I've also recently been exploring Vietnamese dramas. Thanks for stopping by and I invite you to listen in to the podcast. Stay safe and be well.

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